Seen Clean can provide a comprehensive service to clean, disinfect and maintain your air conditioning plant and associated systems, including surrounding areas (plant rooms). Adhering to all industry standards, including HVAC TR19 (TR17).

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As a registered member of the Water Management Society, Seen Clean are qualified to provide a comprehensive service to monitor, clean, disinfect and maintain your water systems in accordance with current legislation, including ACOP L8 2001 and BS6700.

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Any building that is accessible by the public, is subject to the requirements of current air and water hygiene legislation.

We can help you to understand your obligations under ACOP L8 2001 and HVAC TR17/19 and suggest solutions to your buildings individual requirements.

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Seen Clean Ltd. are a qualified and accredited air and water hygiene company, offering a full and comprehensive range of services to help you understand and adhere to current regulations. With over 10 years experience in this field, you can be rest assured that you will receive a competent and competitive, service from our friendly team.
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